'Nothing sets off my “gross, get me out of here” alarm more quickly in a dating situation than attitudes about race that I find unsavory. I guess I’d extend that to race politics in general; I simply won’t go on any more dates with someone who believes that racism is a thing of the past, or that white people suffer equally from racism, or tells me that they’re “color blind” and therefore can’t be racist. This definitely affects my prospects in terms of dating; there are certainly plenty of white people out there who are blind to their own privilege. I definitely didn’t even consider dating the guys who told me they were “so into Japanese culture” upon meeting me or who pointedly asked me “hey are you half-Japanese? I knew it, you have that half-Japanese look.” I once had a one-night stand with a girl who texted me later and told me that I was “an anime wet dream.” I nearly barfed up my breakfast, then deleted all her contact information. So yeah, that’s misgivings, and I have more and more of them as I perceive my potential dating partner to be more and more privileged, entitled and/or clueless.'

PREACH. Totally.

From an article on Racialicious - On Interracial Dating - The Asian Panel.